90 day Success Plan for your new Key Account Manager

Your situation
You are positioning a new Key Account Manager and your goal is that she/he gets productive and delivers turnover fast but also integrates smoothly in the team and environment.

For the ideal results of your Workshop 90 day Success Plan for your new Key Account Manager ” all key contributors to the current Account success participate or contribute their knowledge and expectations.

In this workshop your new Key Account Manager will be guided to develop his personal 90 day plan including how to:

  • Create a relationship list and plan to get to know key people fast
  • Quickly get an overview of available or needed Key Account information such as:
    Business Figures: Plan, Actuals, Forecast, Pipeline, Inventory lists
    Account Plan: e.g. Strategy / tactics per region, competitive position
    in order to prioritize and set up a timeline to gain Account insights fast
  • Gain a Basic understanding of used Sales Process, Sales and CRM Tools
  • Become an overview on main products and how to gather required product knowledge
  • Define Key Account Team rules for communication and reporting standards

Whether you have a local or a globally operating Key Account Team selling complex industry goods or services, this workshop can be fully customized to meet the needs of your organization and also be performed as in-house training. When your Key Account Manager is implementing his 90-day-Success Plan into daily business, we gladly support him/her with Mentoring. We are pleased to discuss your requirements with you!

In case you prefer to create a general structure for a 90 day Success Plan for future new Key Account Managers as a part of your hiring process or on boarding, we can help you to craft this critical success road map for your new employees.

Contact us. We are pleased to discuss your requirements with you.