Create new Opportunities

Even though it is common sense that a structured sales approach is more effective and leads to a higher hit rate, most Sales Teams do not work in a structured way.

By the end of the “Create new Opportunities Workshop”, your Sales Team will know how to create and evaluate new opportunities with a proven method. Ideally the customer example chosen does involve several Members of your Sales Team.

Results of the Create new Opportunity Workshop:

  • Achieved transparency about one customer, his problems and how you can help
  • Have at least one new opportunity ready to be discussed with your customer
  • Know how to develop opportunities in a structured way
  • Ability to evaluate opportunities and measure their degree of maturity
  • Improved effectiveness of your Sales Team

Whether you have a local Sales Team or a globally operating Account Team selling complex industry goods or services, this workshop can be fully customized to meet the needs of your organization and also be performed as in-house training. When applying your newly acquired skills and insights into your daily business, we gladly support you and your team with mentoring. We are pleased to discuss your requirements with you!

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Create new Opportunities_Planning and Process:

If you would like to see a customer example, please contact us and we will mail it to you.

Are you interested to customize this Workshop for you? Contact us. We are pleased to discuss your requirements with you!